Who is Shop4Charity?

We are an organization that raises funds and awareness for charities by running sweepstakes programs. Our sweepstakes empower people to make a difference by giving them a chance to win prizes all year long while supporting a great cause!

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Get $20 off your 2022 Calendar!

The 2022 Shop4Charity Calendar is FULL SIZE and filled with beautiful Canadian scenery. Every calendar purchase supports breast cancer patients AND enters you to win cash prizes all year long!

What will you be entered to win?

Your support will enter you in the draw for cash prizes all year long in the Calendar Sweepstakes to Fight Breast Cancer, starting January 2022! 

You'll be entered to win $1,000 (or more) daily, $5,000 weekly, $10,000 bimonthly, and the $10 million grand prize, and early bonus prizes!

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